Thursday, August 5, 2010


This was written on the 5th of June 2010

This thing that stands before me is terrifying
So terrifying that I am stuck in place
It's funny that to some this something is nothing
Just the future, not something to concern us
Everything hinges on this moment
Happiness and success hinges on this moment
This something is becoming nothing
Not to me but to others
Even as nothing becomes something
Life blooming from this nothing
Creating something to create fear
Fear creates nothing
Nothing turns into something
So this circle continues until end
Terrifying how a circle works
Repetition like distance training
Miles upon miles of arteries
Flowing through my body
So much oxygen taken in each breath
Still not enough
As I am breathless before this
This something that is nothing
My future which has yet to exist
Future will never exist
Only this moment on which everything hinges
Together with myself it can be conquered
Or inside of it I can flow
Like water through the ground
Forcing a path through steady
Relentless in my fury and power
Forcing through this nothing
Creating something with my passion for change
Change will come of this fear
As I stand before this nothing

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