Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taken Over

This was written on August 21st, 2010

I find that I can no longer handle
What is going on inside of my mind
So now I'm becoming a little bitch
Because what was just a stitch
In my side
Has taken a ride
To my heart
And has begun to start
This inward revolution
Where an evolution
Of pain

Has begun driving me insane
I believe if I keep on this path
Everything will become a bloodbath
Of words
That become so absurd
That even the great one above
Who pushes all love
Into our hearts
Will be affected by the sparks
That come from the darkness
Inside of my brain
Because I've gone insane
With rage
Funneled onto the page
Sitting in front of me
As I read
And bleed
These words
And through the ink
I blink
I've become it as much as it's become me
So now you must see
That I have gone insane
Gone far past the range
Of everything strange
Become the page
With all my rage
Inside of me
Pushing myself to be free
Or at least for my heart
To start
Feeling less pain
So that whatever part of me going insane
Can be left behind
Inside of my mind
Behind a locked door
With a titanium floor
So that it cannot escape
And even as it scrapes
Inside of me
No others will see
The insanity
That has taken seed
Started to breed
To create
And form and shape
It's as if an alien race
Has taken place
Inside of my body

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