Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lying and Sighing

This was written on August 19th 2010

I have this tendency to shuffle
At least when I'm nervous
I use them to concentrate
In the hopes to relax
So that things don't tax
My brain
Driving me insane
You see
Everything that I think about
Continues to make me doubt
Things about myself
At least in my own extensions
Of these arms
Keeping others from harm
Though I have a strong heart
I know I'll tear apart
All intuition
Bringing to fruition
This raw power
That tastes so sour
As I push those
That once rose
Bringing out their insides
The kindness that just rides
Atop their blood
Scrubbing with the suds
Coming from our soap
A fragrance to hide the dope
That everyone seems to smoke
Continuing to toke
Despite the legality
Man it's a tragedy
That people must rely
Listening about what they should try
When others say they need
This beautiful weed
To bring forth the best inside themselves
It makes me so sad
How about you?
Do you feel this pain
As others fight in the rain
Of our mothers' blood
Just so they can have food
Just pass the joint dude
But why
Why must we defy
Pushing ourselves to lie
And falsely testify
To the guilt of others
Forcing them to wilt
Over some choice they made
To drink the kool aid
I mean
We all drink it don't we
In some form or another
Sisters and brothers
Are we not hypocrites
As we lie about the drugs
Of this generation
The absolute degradation
Pushing all the faith
Into the gutters
The kid mutters
Avoiding the attention
While using his tuition
Angering the teachers
Avoiding all his preachers
Just there to party
Though his body may be hardy
It will burn out too
Then he'll try to sue
The college that gives to him
The books he only skims
You see we all take for granted
Cause this world has become slanted
People just sit and deceive
About all that we receive
Telling us of medication
When all we need is meditation
To keep us from going insane
Living a life so plain
The office of sincerity
Is closed
At least for the majority
Cause we all lie
Forced to testify
Avoiding our guilt
Covered in the silt
Coals burning under my feet
As you sit in your seat
Can you feel the heat
Of these words
Coming from my proverbial pen
Instead I see a sin
Inside all of us
Even when we rode on the bus
To school
And followed the rule
Of our parents
Who told us of the medication
Whose legality
We could all see
Though every time we would pee
The test came up positive
Cause we wanted to live
On the edge
Pushing past our boundaries
Wrong or right
We have all lost sight
Of what must be important
This life we are given
So take hold
Find a way to mold
This place
Inside yourself
Forge yourself a shelf
Of your accomplishments
Keep everything important
Inside your heart
Don't forget to start
A chart
Of your progress
As writing goals
Is the way to our souls
Truest inspiration
So forget the drugs
And hold onto the hugs
Cause in the end
We all depend
On one another
As sisters and brothers

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