Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Ultimate Slam Poem

This was written on August 18th 2010

Can't you all feel my pain
As words fill these veins
With non-dropping
Show stopping
Lyrical wit
Man I don't give a shit
Where you're from
Cause in this kingdom
Of the US of A
Those who have nothin to say
Just don't belong
Cause boy
We are all equal
Ain't nobody regal
Not even I am better
Than the rich boys in sweaters
But I do have my goals
And walking on coals
Won't scare me away
From the beautiful day
When equality rains
Relieving the pains
Of those who've been broken
Even these words spoken
Will be forgotten
So to the rotten
You must know this
That God's kiss
Upon this hand
Won't swallow the land
Cause nobody owns it
And man I don't give a shit
Where you're from
Cause we all scream for freedom
So why don't we band together
Like birds of a feather
No matter what comes our way
We'll find the words to say
Standing up for what we believe
So that whatever we receive
Won't leave us behind
Or devour our one track mind
To bring together all man
So that we all stand
Facing our foes
And wiggling our toes
In the sandy beaches
That extend beyond all reaches
Of destruction
Cause we all know we pollute
Breeding and seeding
This world
With ourselves
And nothing else
Even those who push to grow
They all know
That we pollute
With our cars and shoots
From the guns
That we use to say who won
Ain't nobody gonna be around
To hear all the sounds
Of this Earth
To put forth knowing
That another generation
Will destroy
Don't anybody give a shit
That we're strangling
And mangling
This world we live upon
As we're all used as pawns
Of corporations
Whose sole purpose is generations
So they can put down pavement
Trapping this Earth
So it can't give birth
To us
Or harbor Jesus'
To the stars above
I scream
My dream
That someday
We will find the words to say
Stand up and fight
For all that we know is right
And come together as man
All holding hands
To see this
World of ultimate bliss
For what it is
Our mother
And nothing other
Than our respect
Should she receive
Instead we still deceive
Putting our trophies on our shelves
That she made
And having our parades
In respect for everything
But her
So to those here today
I ask that you join me to pray
For the idea
That one day
We will all find that courage
To stand up for what we believe
And back away from those that deceive
Into this corporatocracy
Will you all fight
For what we know is right
Or will you just stand
Without holding a hand
Thumbs in your pockets
As all these rockets
And destroy our Earth
Where our birth
Came to be
You must see
That this is it
Please tell me that you give a shit

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