Saturday, February 19, 2011

Failed Faith

This was written on February 19th, 2011

Been trying not to write
Not to bite
Onto your lies
There are no fries
In my basket of grease
Nothing left to feed you
Use the salt to heal your wounds
But my hands can't seal them
Too much blood for me to stop
Your heart beats too hard
Too fast

Last night my head hit the pavement
Slammed senseless
Without remorse or recourse
Just a straight path to the grave
Where I sit with the flowers
Pushing them from my chest
There is no rest
For me now

There is something I must conquer
Standing by your side
My hands stained with your blood
I lift you up
High into the clouds
Letting you soar above the others
I became your pedestal
A year and a half ago

Your first words meant nothing
Our first hug had no feeling
Emotion passed between us
Without a consideration
Now I'm sitting here
With a broken pen
Ink staining my hands
The same way your blood did
In a dream I once told you of
Where a girl bled out in my arms
You did not know
Because I did not want you to

Now I hide in my own faith
It's disturbing
Because I'm still afraid
To tell you the truth

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Man Who Tells Time by the Sun

This was written on February 7th, 2011

In a world of computer technology
There's a man who tells time by the sun
And he looks at me with his one good eye
He says, "Son you haven't yet won"
"Cause this world is a cruel mistress"
"She'll beat you and break you some day"
It has always been my belief that life is what you make it
This man was tattered and torn
Wearing himself in his clothes
Until his worn down soles
Knew the truth of his soul
I did not agree with his notion
That the world would break me
This is because I am strong
Like an old oak tree in a wind storm
I am Gandalf before a Balrog
Inside I feel no fear
"You shall not pass"
The words echoed from my lips
Looking the man in the eyes I laughed
I left him standing there staring after me
To this day I regret that I didn't have a better response
If I were to turn back the clock with what I know now
"Life is what you make it,"
"You can blame it for your misery."
"It throws things at you without warning."
"Shoves things down your throat,"
"Until you realize that even your stomach has boundaries."
To the man who tells time by the sun
Know that there will always be struggles
To all of you living today
There will always be struggles
But life is what you make it
If you believe that you are incapable
Then I suggest you rethink your conviction
Because those thoughts are pure fiction
Humans have come to fly
Pushed out a lie a day
Found ways to get paid
Been laid
Down to rest by our mothers and fathers
Life is not about your pain
It's about your pleasure
So you should learn to treasure
Every moment with a lover
Every hug from your brother
Because every moment is a million years
Even all of the tears
From every bad experience
Has the salt to seal your wounds
So do not assume that you are broken
That any words you have spoken
Will go without memory from this world
Do not give up on life
Before it has given up on you
Because I have learned from the best
And taught to the worst
That life is what you make it
You can't just forget
But instead you must remember
To dismember the attempts of those who try to break you
Fighting for what is worth it
Life is worth it
Death is an end to something too beautiful
It will come to you eventually
Like love, it will blossom when you least expect it
But you cannot just give up
So look at everything around you
And look deep inside of yourself
What is it that you have to offer
And what does life offer you