Monday, May 17, 2010

To My Mother

Unfortunately I have not been as proud of my recent works up until now.
This piece was written on May 17th 2010

To the mother that was always there
Whenever I needed her
Whenever I had homework I didn't understand
Or just needed someone there to hold my hand
As I crossed the streets of life you watched
Waiting for me to fall
Even if you hoped I wouldn't fall at all
To the woman who taught me how to tie my shoes
Two years after I'd learned to read
You were the one who guided me

You are my inspiration
The wind beneath my wings
The moon to my stars and sun to my sky
You are my Juliet
The one whom Shakespeare was honestly inspired by
You are every reason I get up in the morning
And all of the reasons I can't sleep at night
You are my challenger, taskmaster of my life
Without you I would be but a simple man
Devoid of all knowledge and power
Without you mom
I am broken and worthless

Even now I sit here all alone
And you are here around me
In every whisper and behind every breath
Hiding in the corners of my writing room
The room I've dedicated solely for peace
To remember you and bask in remembrance of you
Even if the only memory I'll ever have
Is the memory that burns the most
Both metaphorically and realistically
Sometimes I slide across my rug
Naked, just to be closer to it
Just to be closer to feeling that last memory of you

Cause that's all I have now
Stories from friends and family
Memories of past times and qualities I will never experience
I do not remember your hands or your smile
And the only face I remember is the one I drew
My proudest piece of art that came from a school devoid of learning
Something you would not have put me through

Or so I'm told
But mother, this poem is to you
For not being the hand I needed to hold
For not picking me up whenever I fell
I am mad at you and always will be
Because in my eyes, you gave up on me
I just wish that I had the courage to give up on you