Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spunk of a Chipmunk

This was written on November 28th, 2010

Compared to a chipmunk
So filled up with the spunk
That you've given me
Maybe I'll let the world see
Truth inside of my eyes
Instead of adding to the lies
Which others spit
Acting like they give a shit
Maybe I'll choose to care
I know that I'd dare
Myself to smile
After I've run the mile
Pushing my body and mind
Dragging those behind
So we all cross the finish line
Of life
Together hand in hand
Our toes dug into sand
Someday my dream will be
Something for all to see
For now it just sits
For all the literates
To read and wonder
Tearing the words asunder
Finding meaning where even I
Left none intentionally

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This was written on November 22nd, 2010

You blind and you burn
Even help the world turn
But so much slower
So I have to lower
My own standards
So that I can accept you
Even still you kill
And provide a thrill
Which some will never know
I feel deep inside as though
As though I should show
This world your beauty
You lack concern for us
Flying with fury as I ride this bus
Because we all come and go
We all die and grow
Separating ourselves from you
Melted sand holds you at bay
The glass that lets in rays
Of light and still keeps out your blight
Separates us now
But I will find a way somehow
To show your beauty to this world


This was written on November 22nd, 2010

I'm gonna be a little late
But can't it wait
Just a few more minutes
I'm sure I'll spin it
An awesome tale for you
Of the trials I went through
Just to get to the place
The place where I race
Circling round a lot
Where not a single spot
Of ground is free
Can you find a way to see
That this isn't like me
Because I do not like things free
I will find a way to earn
Find a way to burn
Into your mind
That I never leave behind
My concern for time

The Reuben Supreme

This was written on November 15th, 2010

The sandwich made with love
Tasted as if from above
Where little cupid sits on a cloud
Far above everything so loud
The mustard had good kick
So I was not ashamed to lick
The taste from my fingers
And still it lingers
As it works down my throat
So I wanted to let you know
That I have you to thank
From the bottom of my heart
As you have given a start
Not only to good flavor
That I can always savor
But also to my inspiration
You have given a start
To words I once thought smart
So thank you Danielle
For a sandwich which makes me yell
With Happiness

Rocketship with You

This was written on November 15th 2010

Ride a rocketship to the moon
You'll be feeling something soon
A sense of weightlessness
Where space meets only air
And all of your hair
Flies about restlessly
That's not all there is to see
The Earth is down below
Magnitude of our lives
Is taken to a smaller size
Still it is not size that matters
Because even a small thing
The small person that you are
Can take up all of a man's universe
If you can understand this verse
Then you understand
That this hand
Is driven by a mind
Which is captivated by you
Your intelligence greets me
Your beauty treats me
Then your soul defeats me
Leaves me sitting next to you
Motionless as leaves without wind
As if a man broken with nothing
Still this defeated man has something
The hope that someday
You'll be standing at my door
Waiting for me to come out
Leaving an old life behind
For a new life with you
Sometimes thinking of a horse
A long ride alongside
Racing with wind in our hair
As the sun tries to stare
Us away with its fiery gaze
Still all of our days
Would end with our friends
The four of us watching
As sun disappears
All of our cheers
Echo into the last bit of light
Trapped there until the sun greets again
Life in the country is nice
Days of quiet and peace
Imagining myself
Living with you in the east
Still the city has draw
So a second home I'd have
For my watching of people
Because no matter your pull
There is always more of me
If only a sliver
Which draws like a shiver
Straight up my spine
Deeper into my mind
Where I miss the differences
Forgetting my senses
Of right and of wrong
For all of these people
I break into song
So deep in the city a second home
Though the first will be ours
Where no one shall roam
It could be a small cottage
Or maybe a hut
With straw for its roof
And deepened mud ruts
To proof it from wind
All the while I'm thinking like this
I try to consider your feelings
To consider the fact
That without lots of tact
I won't make it that far
Because you will leave me out of your car
Still I know I'm a creep
For opining my mind and letting it seep
Out onto this page
As I'm not even to the proper stage
We've had no true date
Nor do we hang out enough to state
That thinking these things is even okay
Still if I live life my way
I see that I must open up and say
That I would like to spend all of today
With my mind wrapped and surrounded
Entirely by you

Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Night With Me

This was written on November 13, 2010

I can't even begin to write
How I feel on this night
Every word comes out wrong
Almost wanting to break into song
I want things to work out
Wanting to be able to shout
From every rooftop
Because you make me happy
I know that it is sappy
But I like you
Smiling from ear to ear
You bring my life cheer
Still I hold back
Afraid of change
Afraid of making things strange
For you
Because you've been here before
Tried to date
I am not afraid of work
I do not wish to jerk
You around
Just wish for a sound
Or at least a chance
To show you how I dance
So sure you'd enjoy
Still afraid to make my move
No matter how smooth
My steps may be
Whenever I see
Your eyes
Pouring into my soul
Two big open bowls
Of passion and grace
A look upon your face
That which could slay a dragon
So from me you have taken
All but last breath
Which I save
So I can ask you one thing
Will you let me sing
With you tonight
Will you let me take you on one flight
Out into the moonlight
Can I show you how it really feels
To have something real
Staring you in the face
I'm not saying there is love
Never have I sworn above
One chance
With you
Not after all I've been through
Still I'd like one dance
One chance for romance
Tonight I stopped myself
Held myself up on my shelf
Watching you from afar
Despite being inside your car
Because I did not wish to
Or put an end
To your comfort with me
Because I want you to see
That regardless of what happens
You will not be left
Not by me
Even if you do not see
Inside of me
What you are looking for
There is always more
Friendship left for you
Because only if you're through
With me
Throwing me aside
Unless you snuff out all light
Leaving me in the darkened night
Without your eyes
Even then the skies
Will lead me back
To your side
Because no matter the ride
I do not abandon
Will not leave behind
Those who enter my mind
Blazing trails in my heart
Even if what you have
Is only the start
Of what could be
What could fill all that I see
With more color
Than I can imagine
So I'm writing another poem
Another thing I feel
About you and again
Again I regret
But I bet
That I did the right thing
By not kissing you tonight
Though if you would
If you were willing
To give me one date
Just to see how you feel
To see if you'd like
Just see if you'd like
Spending more time with me
It would make me happy

Friday, November 12, 2010

Leave it Be

This was written on November 12, 2010

We keep putting this off
And the feeling is as soft
As your words
When your lips part
Your words give my heart
A startling jump
Which they've always done
Cause even the sun
Fell under your domain
Burning brighter with you around
Every sound had more meaning
But to return
To chance another burn
From you
Well I do not know
What I should do
Will I someday look back
Will I still lose track
Of all the pain
Because it's a bigger gain
When you're around
Even my own sound
Echoes out
With more power
My mouth is last left sour
And still
It is a thrill
To know you through the years
So I'll give three cheers
To not having you here
At least not quite yet
But I can bet
That you will be soon
Again I will swoon
Before the pleasure
Of this I am sure
Because to me you are fun
And I cannot run from the fun

Second Chance?

This was written on November 11, 2010

I find it quite interesting
That after all this time
You are still the reason I rhyme
And do not write
As I'm choosing not to fight
Instead I let the words
Use me
So have you heard?
That I have become the verb
It is so superb
Just letting it go and flow
Because now I know
That all I have to do
Is show to you
That after all you put me through
I have only one thing to show
The experience that
Bloodied me like a gangster with a bat
And every hat I wear
Is used to shadow which I cannot bear
To show upon my face
To our human race
Because I do not know
If I can once again throw
Caution to the wind
No matter where I've been
I will not get over you
Even if the last story is right
If my everlasting fight
Comes to an end
And I come to bend
Before you again
So tell me if I'll win
Will I win?
Will I win if once again
I put my heart in my hand
Taking a firm stand
And holding it out to you
Or will you once again screw
My brain
With your hazardous drill
Causing that shrill
As my skull begs for mercy
A million times thirty
Times did it call
For me to end it all
With reason
Which was just out of season
So now I am left
Again at a crossroads
Staring at the cleft
Just left of my heart
Where the first time
Where the first time you missed
I know naught of guarantee
That a second aim
Will miss what makes me
If you took my stories before
What more are you coming back for?
Do you wish for my life?
Are you here for my soul?
Would you like me to serve it in a bowl?
So tell me why should I trust
Why it is that I must
Let you back in
Because if I ever suffer the past again
I will not survive
I will not contest
I will just lay down
Forever at rest

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going Away

This was written on November 4th, 2010

You throw everything away
Just because you want to say
That she matters more
Every score
There is to settle
Between us
Doesn't matter to you
Because whenever we're through
You're in her arms
Forgetting of my existence
Even if I'm in the room
But you don't care
You can't even smell the doom
Of our friendship
Because you took the one song
That matters to me
You took the one dance I can do
Ran me through and through
So you could let her sing
Because you plan to place a ring
Upon her finger
Letting me linger
Outside for you
So that if your plans fall through
You'll have someone to come back to
You say that there's nothing I can do
To ruin our friendship
But there is, and you're doing it
I no longer give a shit
Because if you keep on
When you wake up
I will be long gone

A Flower for You

This was written on November 4th, 2010

I was in the store so filled with doubt
That my lungs were begging to scream and shout
A flower I could not find for you
That listed off my intentions true
I thought of the purple Camellia
As it met the shade of my face
As all of my breath leaves without a trace
Nothing left when I talk to you
Because your voice still echoes
Inside of my head
Rattling my brain so much
I really should be dead
But I resist the urge to close my eyes
Because of the others who chose lies
Then there was the Camellia so pink
But I stopped myself before I could think
Because some part of me believes
That you would despise
A brightness that stares so deep in your eyes
So I came upon a lonely rose
Of deepness black and it I chose
Because I know your heart is deep in pain
I field so many attempts in vain
So I chose to make a promise
Someday this rose will shine of red
As I have restored inside of you
The truest love any has felt
Because nothing less do you deserve
And so here I am ready to serve

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes or No?

This was written on October 25th 2010

Battered and broken
With words yet to be spoken
Because I am afraid to open my mouth
For your opinion of me going south
It is bound to happen
As every other
Has left me behind
Every girl I've felt for
Has wanted more
Than I could ever provide
Not even if they were at my side
Forever and always
If we were never to die
I could not live up to the expectations
Because all of my pit stop locations
Do not meet up with theirs
By this I mean
That I have an obscene
Ability to force myself away
To push those who might care astray
Because I get selfish
I started this off because I wanted to say
That I'd like a chance
To take you for a dance
Maybe in the rain
Because all of the pain
That you've ever felt
Needs to be washed away with pleasure
And the rain
Is the best thing I know of
What I really wanted to say is
That I like you
I've never met you
Still I feel something inside me
Wishing to hold you in my arms
Shelter you from the harms
That others throw your way
And maybe someday
I can take you out
So what do you say?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Broken Promises

This was written on September 21st, 2010

It's not that I don't trust you personally
However, your actions seem a might suspicious
That is not to say that you are suspect
I just find myself wanting to inspect
Your virtues
So put yourself in my shoes
You cheated on him once before
Saying that you needed more
Than what he was giving
Now I'm reliving this vision
Of him in pain
Just after he's begun to recover
From another wound
You ditched your last boy toy
Don't try to be coy
About how you did it either
You threw him aside
Regardless of his disrespect toward you
I find myself wondering
Will my friend suffer too
Be tossed aside as you did the first time
Even as you pushed aside the last slime
So do not take it personally
I just wish to protect my brother
Because that is what he is to me
So when he hurts I am brought to my knees
Finding pleas
Working up from deep inside me
Praying for his pain to end
If only for a moment
I cannot bear to see him suffer again
In fact I will brand you with sin
Should you break him as you have before
Because you need that
The responsibility of upholding him
As he wishes to uphold you
So please
I wish to put the past behind
Show me that you will not
That you will not
Break my friend
Or I will have to break you

Monday, September 13, 2010


This was written on September 13th, 2010

I was sitting there on my couch holding my pen
Considering a sin
You see, this couch I have, it's my resting place
I've spent months on this couch
Not just over time, but the last few months
On this couch
This couch that I now sit upon
Considering the possibility of ending
Ending everything that I've worked so hard to build
That is not to say that I've given up hope
More so that hope had given up on me
At least in this instant
In this instant
I was going over the conversation I'd just had with my friend
Trying to figure out where this notion comes from
Going over every conversation I'd ever had
With girls
Because every girl I've ever met
Has seen some part of me
Some part of me that makes them feel something
Not necessarily for me
Instead they feel something from me
A kind of love they cannot put to words
Or at least that they don't understand fully
Because all of these girls
Who have come in contact
With me
Have failed to see
What lies beneath my surface
Instead what they see
Is someone who is trying to plea
For their attention
Looking for their love and their comforting arms
To protect him from harm
While this is true to a degree I suppose
It's not what I want from them
I do not wish to be with them
As much as I wish that they were with me
I do not wish for something romantic
Not with any woman or man that I've met since her
You see I am a pure romantic
Deep down in the core of my being
I hold women up on a pedestal
So that I can smash myself down further into the ground
When that pedestal falls on me
Because you see
This conversation I had with this friend of mine
Went something like this
Hey there hot stuff
Hey there
How ya doin today?
Pretty good how about you?
I'm doing fantastic
That's great
Yeah, actually I was wondering, any chance you wanna go see a movie with me
My friend is going to see a movie I like
What movie
Resident Evil
Ah, I don't really like Resident Evil
Oh alright
What about Scott Pilgrim
At this point I'm now looking up movies and movie times
There was a pause between her Scott Pilgrim and my answer
Also considering why she wants to go see a movie
A movie with obvious romantic connotations
Why see that movie with me
You see at this point
She's already come to the conclusion
She's created this illusion
That I like her
As something more than what I do
And it isn't true
You see I care about her as a person
And there is no worse one
For me to care about
In all of my friends
As at every turn she drives me insane
Pushes me through the window pane
There is no fall
But that does not keep the pain from me
It tears through my body
Because she always hinges on two questions
Is your friend hot?
Do you want my nuts?
Which by the way is a question which is nuts
I know she does not have nuts
Nor has she lost any from her brain
So why she would ask if I want them
Is beyond me
Sure it's an expression
But not so much one of affection
And so my infection
Of anger spreads
Tearing me to shreds
So I ask that if you get to know me
You look deeper in any attempt to see
That there is something there
Something deeper down
And that my actions don't always show
That I do want you as a friend
But nothing more than that

Friday, September 10, 2010


This was written on September 10th, 2010

Everyone talks about the one
The one who won
Before it ever begun
So I have to be honest
There's this girl that is a test
Of my character
Because I want to give everything to her
I have dreamed about holding her by the fire
Where the light and shadows play on her face
Because I want to run my hands over her body
Feeling every bit of her
Not so much sexually
As it is texturally
And to keep myself sated
I keep faking interest in these others
These girls who act like mothers
As if I knew how a mother would act
After being backed
So far into this corner that I have no escape
Nowhere to go from here
Even my greatest fear
Running my hands lightly
Over the skin
That covers my wounds
Thicker where they hurt the most
Quicker healing is a power
Not of super people
But of the natural
So my heart pounds
And these sounds
Of self disapproval
Cause me to quiver in fear
Stuck in place, here
Where that one girl
Left me to hurl
At the finish lane of my greatest race
Where I forgot how to pace
Just did what was natural
With all my strength
I lost out
Now I have no doubt
That she has moved on
She is so far gone
That once again
I feel my heart break
The Earth quake
As I remember how human
I really am

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Spell Checker

This was written on September 9th, 2010

Now that I'm less lazy and tired
Maybe I'm inspired
So I will write for you to read
Possibly plant a seed
So deep inside of your mind
That you might be left behind
And forget what it means to speak
Forcing all of your mind to leak
As well
Onto this page
Emptying you of rage
So that you can become the sage
Of tomorrow
And take away this sorrow
That is caused to me
Whenever I see
That people forget how to use
Choosing instead to abuse
Their spell checker
The one being there
Who wishes to help them get smarter
Regardless of its own anguish
And the time it has to spend telling
Over and over again
That sin
Is in sense
But it is not the incense
Which changes an atmosphere
Instead it is what most fear
And still it keeps on trying
As you keep prying
At the boundaries of our language
And the lion of your words
Does not roar
Because the birds cannot soar
When you fail at language
So do not forsake your words
Cause we all want to be heard
And some want to hear you
But that doesn't mean that I can sit through
Everything you do wrong
Even if intentionally
Because even as it is my strength
Poetry is my weakness
With all the rules it breaks
It just takes
My breath away
So I cannot scream
But I can still deem
When you need
To pick up the good book
Remind you of the class you took
Back in grade school
So that you will use that one tool
That they provided you with
The ability to look outside yourself
Finding a knowledge that you do not possess
So you too can rely on its wisdom
Becoming better and fuller for it
So just listen to its wisdom
And I will thank you