Friday, November 12, 2010

Second Chance?

This was written on November 11, 2010

I find it quite interesting
That after all this time
You are still the reason I rhyme
And do not write
As I'm choosing not to fight
Instead I let the words
Use me
So have you heard?
That I have become the verb
It is so superb
Just letting it go and flow
Because now I know
That all I have to do
Is show to you
That after all you put me through
I have only one thing to show
The experience that
Bloodied me like a gangster with a bat
And every hat I wear
Is used to shadow which I cannot bear
To show upon my face
To our human race
Because I do not know
If I can once again throw
Caution to the wind
No matter where I've been
I will not get over you
Even if the last story is right
If my everlasting fight
Comes to an end
And I come to bend
Before you again
So tell me if I'll win
Will I win?
Will I win if once again
I put my heart in my hand
Taking a firm stand
And holding it out to you
Or will you once again screw
My brain
With your hazardous drill
Causing that shrill
As my skull begs for mercy
A million times thirty
Times did it call
For me to end it all
With reason
Which was just out of season
So now I am left
Again at a crossroads
Staring at the cleft
Just left of my heart
Where the first time
Where the first time you missed
I know naught of guarantee
That a second aim
Will miss what makes me
If you took my stories before
What more are you coming back for?
Do you wish for my life?
Are you here for my soul?
Would you like me to serve it in a bowl?
So tell me why should I trust
Why it is that I must
Let you back in
Because if I ever suffer the past again
I will not survive
I will not contest
I will just lay down
Forever at rest

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