Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Flower for You

This was written on November 4th, 2010

I was in the store so filled with doubt
That my lungs were begging to scream and shout
A flower I could not find for you
That listed off my intentions true
I thought of the purple Camellia
As it met the shade of my face
As all of my breath leaves without a trace
Nothing left when I talk to you
Because your voice still echoes
Inside of my head
Rattling my brain so much
I really should be dead
But I resist the urge to close my eyes
Because of the others who chose lies
Then there was the Camellia so pink
But I stopped myself before I could think
Because some part of me believes
That you would despise
A brightness that stares so deep in your eyes
So I came upon a lonely rose
Of deepness black and it I chose
Because I know your heart is deep in pain
I field so many attempts in vain
So I chose to make a promise
Someday this rose will shine of red
As I have restored inside of you
The truest love any has felt
Because nothing less do you deserve
And so here I am ready to serve

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