Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rocketship with You

This was written on November 15th 2010

Ride a rocketship to the moon
You'll be feeling something soon
A sense of weightlessness
Where space meets only air
And all of your hair
Flies about restlessly
That's not all there is to see
The Earth is down below
Magnitude of our lives
Is taken to a smaller size
Still it is not size that matters
Because even a small thing
The small person that you are
Can take up all of a man's universe
If you can understand this verse
Then you understand
That this hand
Is driven by a mind
Which is captivated by you
Your intelligence greets me
Your beauty treats me
Then your soul defeats me
Leaves me sitting next to you
Motionless as leaves without wind
As if a man broken with nothing
Still this defeated man has something
The hope that someday
You'll be standing at my door
Waiting for me to come out
Leaving an old life behind
For a new life with you
Sometimes thinking of a horse
A long ride alongside
Racing with wind in our hair
As the sun tries to stare
Us away with its fiery gaze
Still all of our days
Would end with our friends
The four of us watching
As sun disappears
All of our cheers
Echo into the last bit of light
Trapped there until the sun greets again
Life in the country is nice
Days of quiet and peace
Imagining myself
Living with you in the east
Still the city has draw
So a second home I'd have
For my watching of people
Because no matter your pull
There is always more of me
If only a sliver
Which draws like a shiver
Straight up my spine
Deeper into my mind
Where I miss the differences
Forgetting my senses
Of right and of wrong
For all of these people
I break into song
So deep in the city a second home
Though the first will be ours
Where no one shall roam
It could be a small cottage
Or maybe a hut
With straw for its roof
And deepened mud ruts
To proof it from wind
All the while I'm thinking like this
I try to consider your feelings
To consider the fact
That without lots of tact
I won't make it that far
Because you will leave me out of your car
Still I know I'm a creep
For opining my mind and letting it seep
Out onto this page
As I'm not even to the proper stage
We've had no true date
Nor do we hang out enough to state
That thinking these things is even okay
Still if I live life my way
I see that I must open up and say
That I would like to spend all of today
With my mind wrapped and surrounded
Entirely by you

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