Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Night With Me

This was written on November 13, 2010

I can't even begin to write
How I feel on this night
Every word comes out wrong
Almost wanting to break into song
I want things to work out
Wanting to be able to shout
From every rooftop
Because you make me happy
I know that it is sappy
But I like you
Smiling from ear to ear
You bring my life cheer
Still I hold back
Afraid of change
Afraid of making things strange
For you
Because you've been here before
Tried to date
I am not afraid of work
I do not wish to jerk
You around
Just wish for a sound
Or at least a chance
To show you how I dance
So sure you'd enjoy
Still afraid to make my move
No matter how smooth
My steps may be
Whenever I see
Your eyes
Pouring into my soul
Two big open bowls
Of passion and grace
A look upon your face
That which could slay a dragon
So from me you have taken
All but last breath
Which I save
So I can ask you one thing
Will you let me sing
With you tonight
Will you let me take you on one flight
Out into the moonlight
Can I show you how it really feels
To have something real
Staring you in the face
I'm not saying there is love
Never have I sworn above
One chance
With you
Not after all I've been through
Still I'd like one dance
One chance for romance
Tonight I stopped myself
Held myself up on my shelf
Watching you from afar
Despite being inside your car
Because I did not wish to
Or put an end
To your comfort with me
Because I want you to see
That regardless of what happens
You will not be left
Not by me
Even if you do not see
Inside of me
What you are looking for
There is always more
Friendship left for you
Because only if you're through
With me
Throwing me aside
Unless you snuff out all light
Leaving me in the darkened night
Without your eyes
Even then the skies
Will lead me back
To your side
Because no matter the ride
I do not abandon
Will not leave behind
Those who enter my mind
Blazing trails in my heart
Even if what you have
Is only the start
Of what could be
What could fill all that I see
With more color
Than I can imagine
So I'm writing another poem
Another thing I feel
About you and again
Again I regret
But I bet
That I did the right thing
By not kissing you tonight
Though if you would
If you were willing
To give me one date
Just to see how you feel
To see if you'd like
Just see if you'd like
Spending more time with me
It would make me happy

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