Monday, April 30, 2012

Hiding Your Apology

This was written April 30th, 2012

Trying to put on a face
Trying to erase
The place
In my heart
Where you still exist
As you were before
Cause the you now
Doesn't seem
To remember
All that we went through
Doesn't remember
Everything that we said
All the promises
That we made
To each other
I asked
A simple question
You responded
Like Muhammed Ali
In a fight for his life
As if my question
Was an assault
And I realized
That what we were
Is gone now
Lost in the wind
Because of our sins
Against each other
So now
So now I cry
Because for the last month
I have been unable to cry
Unable to let out
All of the sadness
You filled me with
Now you're leaving
Leaving me
No explanation
No rationalization
As to how you treated me
I loved you once
But not no more
I'd rather score
With a four penny whore
Than lay with you again
In our own little sin
Where breath
Met bare skin
Because as much as I loved you
That love is broken now
I hope someday
You realize what you did
And come back to apologize
Not to try and win me back
Just to say
I'm sorry

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This was written on April 26th 2012
There is a rain drop
Striking a puddle
Like Muhammad Ali
Because in this state
This state I'm in
My insides
Are torn asunder
By love
My soul is
Tiny little paper scraps
Lit on fire
By a pyromaniac
In a trench coat
And all the darkness
Cannot save me
From the bright flame
Of all I've ever lived for
Burning up I am the fire
And as it sparks and fizzles
Eating away at my soul
I feel the darkness
Coming ever closer to me
Consuming me
As if I am a phoenix
From the ashes
Of my old soul
Will grow another
Where I once stood
Someone will rise up
With my banner
Realizing the importance
Of someone like me
Existing =
Someone who survived
Thrived and strived
Through odds
Worse than a million to one
I am the sperm cell
That fought his brothers
And his sisters
To be born into this world
Through a womb
That was not fit
To carry me
I am special
And I have suffered
Like any special child
And I'm not the only one
So please
Special children
Children of the earth
Realize that I am dying
And help me survive
This time I need help

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Temptress in a Towel

This was written on January 19th 2012
A night with very little sleep. I don't know how many of my readers feel about erotica, though I know some people are turned away by it. So I will warn you, this poem is erotic in nature. If erotic poetry and literature makes you uncomfortable, venture no further. Without further ado:

In front of me
Nothing covering your skin
But a towel
Slowly separating at the bottom
You walk out
Hair still dripping
Skin still wet
Testing me
Testing my conviction
To not touch you
To not rise from my chair
Swiftly removing your towel
With a finger brush
Like a painter
Changing the entire scene of this living room
Into one of pure passion
Tantalizing bodies writhing together
As if it was the first time
Even though it wasn't
Still I sat in my chair
Held myself back
Just watching you try
To get me to rise
You knew full well
Why I covered my eyes
You are medusa
And I have no shield
Were I to lay with you tonight
Freed of my needs as a man
If only for a moment
My heart would turn to stone
My bones would break
And I would be forever lost
To the temptress in a towel
And nothing more