Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midnight Moon

This was written on June 26th 2010

Drop your jaw to the floor
Cause I don't need you anymore
I'll leave you behind
Like my blockbuster movie after rewind
Just kickin it old school
So sit there and wait baby
You gotta wait until tonight
The midnight moon makes me crazy

You keep askin things of me
I get lost in the deep blue sea
That hides within your eyes
Covered by the smoke and the lies
I continue to hide from you behind my words
Flyin through the sky like a flock of birds

Just keep sittin there
Hidin your eyes behind your hair
Try to smile and throw me off
I'll touch a finger against you soft
Leave you wantin more
Sayin I'm just too sore
So say goodbye baby
Cause this boy's gone crazy

Friday, June 25, 2010

Suffocated by My Thoughts

This was written on June 25th 2010

It won't leave me alone
This thought of uncertainty
I don't know about you there
Sitting all quaintly
Content in your swelling contempt
I know I'm not
Content that is
I have plenty of contempt

But I do wonder about things
Things that wrap themselves around my brain
Sending messages to my chest
It slows the beating of my heart
Pulls the oxygen from my lungs
Berating me constantly these thoughts
As if they don't want me to survive and find out
Find out the answer to all my questions
Though with every answer
Every single bit of knowledge
Comes a thousand more questions

Getting to know myself is a burden
It's time consuming
After all of these years
Nineteen to be exact
I still don't know everything
My favorite color changes with my mood
But even that is not certain
I lie through my teeth about food
But that's when I'm eating

My mind continues this rampage
Never settling for long
It wraps itself around
My throat
I can feel the constrictions
The lack of air passing to my lungs
This is how it steals it
Thoughts flooding my mind so quickly that
I just forget to breathe

A Tiding to My Generation

This was written on June 25th 2010

This thousand pounds of feathers
Sits upon my chest
I just wish that all of you would give your mouths a rest
Your words a never ending stream
The harshest generation to walk this Earth
At least since the bear wrestler President we once had
You wish to say something
Yet you have nothing to say
No reason to put forth your thoughts on the world
At least not as you are now
You lack experience
You lack self knowledge and sophistication
That is not to say that you have nothing to say
Just that the things you have to say are so skewed by your limited experience
That even the wisest of this generation has nothing
Nothing compared the least wise of our parents generation
So you sit there at the gas station
Smoking your hip cigarette and talking
About nothing and everything
As if your vagueness means you have something to say
Trying to hide your insecurity behind questions
Questions that you think nobody has ever asked before
I have one thing to tell you
You can take it or leave it
It matters naught to me
Even if your ignorance is what fuels me
This thing I have to tell you
Is to live
Observe and engorge yourself on everything around you
Because through your eyes everything is unique
Different in some way than the way that others see things
Your experience molds you
While this may be less than apparent now
You will see it in ten years guaranteed
To those with artistic virtue
Find a way to record how you see
It's not just inspiration it is your own self history
Your vision will change
Expanding and letting your concentration fade
But only if you let it
A single mind is a voyage from birth to death
I bid you enjoy it

I Haven't Even Met You

This was written on June 25 2010

The past few days of flirting
Can't get you off my mind
Just can't explain what's going on
My heart beats hard but slow
Just can't seem to get the flow
It taunts and teases me
Till I break down to my knee
When looking up you're all I see
It's like memories are haunting
Me as if you were a ghost
To me you are the most
Intriguing girl to cross my path
Since I last took a bath
Cause normally I shower
It's a lesser waste of power
Washing techniques
This poem doesn't make any sense
And my brain is filled with ignorance
Still I keep on thinking
Today is a day for thinking
Cause I need to get you off my mind
If I don't then I'll be left behind
Cause I'll get to see you today
Though things will likely go away
I hope to ask if you'd like to stay
In my mind
Until I find
Another way to see you

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surrealist Experiment Take Two

Written on 20 June 2010
Another piece of surrealist poetry, fueled by the same experiment as last time.

Supporting this insignia
A gutsy riptide
The astral riptide of crimson
Cleaving the small strategists
A ballet of duress
Fine charity
Just brace alongside your guest
Carrying your memento
Cuddling with faith
Have I finally forgave
Enunciate yourself amok the poison
Surrounding yourself with duress
Dragging and decking
Decipher these scantily clad words
Learn your own meaning

Surrealist Experiment

This piece was written back when I was still in school and it's not dated.
Essentially what inspired this was a word game that a student from EWU had us do.
Pick random words from the dictionary, try to get about 10 words in the three categories of noun, verb, and other. Then using only those words, and conjunctions, write a poem. Hope you guys like it.

Lexington necromancy
An awning of discord
Eaglet sirens emit reslessness
Killer bee sex
Resistance to dating
Embrace Mahatma
Handicapped philanthropy
Resist your mischief
Resist their control
You are not tactable
Resist all control
Embrace our resistance
Jet from the handicapped
Jet from yourself
Discordance in ourselves
Plunge from your awning