Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midnight Moon

This was written on June 26th 2010

Drop your jaw to the floor
Cause I don't need you anymore
I'll leave you behind
Like my blockbuster movie after rewind
Just kickin it old school
So sit there and wait baby
You gotta wait until tonight
The midnight moon makes me crazy

You keep askin things of me
I get lost in the deep blue sea
That hides within your eyes
Covered by the smoke and the lies
I continue to hide from you behind my words
Flyin through the sky like a flock of birds

Just keep sittin there
Hidin your eyes behind your hair
Try to smile and throw me off
I'll touch a finger against you soft
Leave you wantin more
Sayin I'm just too sore
So say goodbye baby
Cause this boy's gone crazy

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