Friday, June 25, 2010

I Haven't Even Met You

This was written on June 25 2010

The past few days of flirting
Can't get you off my mind
Just can't explain what's going on
My heart beats hard but slow
Just can't seem to get the flow
It taunts and teases me
Till I break down to my knee
When looking up you're all I see
It's like memories are haunting
Me as if you were a ghost
To me you are the most
Intriguing girl to cross my path
Since I last took a bath
Cause normally I shower
It's a lesser waste of power
Washing techniques
This poem doesn't make any sense
And my brain is filled with ignorance
Still I keep on thinking
Today is a day for thinking
Cause I need to get you off my mind
If I don't then I'll be left behind
Cause I'll get to see you today
Though things will likely go away
I hope to ask if you'd like to stay
In my mind
Until I find
Another way to see you

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