Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes or No?

This was written on October 25th 2010

Battered and broken
With words yet to be spoken
Because I am afraid to open my mouth
For your opinion of me going south
It is bound to happen
As every other
Has left me behind
Every girl I've felt for
Has wanted more
Than I could ever provide
Not even if they were at my side
Forever and always
If we were never to die
I could not live up to the expectations
Because all of my pit stop locations
Do not meet up with theirs
By this I mean
That I have an obscene
Ability to force myself away
To push those who might care astray
Because I get selfish
I started this off because I wanted to say
That I'd like a chance
To take you for a dance
Maybe in the rain
Because all of the pain
That you've ever felt
Needs to be washed away with pleasure
And the rain
Is the best thing I know of
What I really wanted to say is
That I like you
I've never met you
Still I feel something inside me
Wishing to hold you in my arms
Shelter you from the harms
That others throw your way
And maybe someday
I can take you out
So what do you say?