Thursday, January 19, 2012

Temptress in a Towel

This was written on January 19th 2012
A night with very little sleep. I don't know how many of my readers feel about erotica, though I know some people are turned away by it. So I will warn you, this poem is erotic in nature. If erotic poetry and literature makes you uncomfortable, venture no further. Without further ado:

In front of me
Nothing covering your skin
But a towel
Slowly separating at the bottom
You walk out
Hair still dripping
Skin still wet
Testing me
Testing my conviction
To not touch you
To not rise from my chair
Swiftly removing your towel
With a finger brush
Like a painter
Changing the entire scene of this living room
Into one of pure passion
Tantalizing bodies writhing together
As if it was the first time
Even though it wasn't
Still I sat in my chair
Held myself back
Just watching you try
To get me to rise
You knew full well
Why I covered my eyes
You are medusa
And I have no shield
Were I to lay with you tonight
Freed of my needs as a man
If only for a moment
My heart would turn to stone
My bones would break
And I would be forever lost
To the temptress in a towel
And nothing more