Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surrealist Experiment

This piece was written back when I was still in school and it's not dated.
Essentially what inspired this was a word game that a student from EWU had us do.
Pick random words from the dictionary, try to get about 10 words in the three categories of noun, verb, and other. Then using only those words, and conjunctions, write a poem. Hope you guys like it.

Lexington necromancy
An awning of discord
Eaglet sirens emit reslessness
Killer bee sex
Resistance to dating
Embrace Mahatma
Handicapped philanthropy
Resist your mischief
Resist their control
You are not tactable
Resist all control
Embrace our resistance
Jet from the handicapped
Jet from yourself
Discordance in ourselves
Plunge from your awning

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