Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tiding to My Generation

This was written on June 25th 2010

This thousand pounds of feathers
Sits upon my chest
I just wish that all of you would give your mouths a rest
Your words a never ending stream
The harshest generation to walk this Earth
At least since the bear wrestler President we once had
You wish to say something
Yet you have nothing to say
No reason to put forth your thoughts on the world
At least not as you are now
You lack experience
You lack self knowledge and sophistication
That is not to say that you have nothing to say
Just that the things you have to say are so skewed by your limited experience
That even the wisest of this generation has nothing
Nothing compared the least wise of our parents generation
So you sit there at the gas station
Smoking your hip cigarette and talking
About nothing and everything
As if your vagueness means you have something to say
Trying to hide your insecurity behind questions
Questions that you think nobody has ever asked before
I have one thing to tell you
You can take it or leave it
It matters naught to me
Even if your ignorance is what fuels me
This thing I have to tell you
Is to live
Observe and engorge yourself on everything around you
Because through your eyes everything is unique
Different in some way than the way that others see things
Your experience molds you
While this may be less than apparent now
You will see it in ten years guaranteed
To those with artistic virtue
Find a way to record how you see
It's not just inspiration it is your own self history
Your vision will change
Expanding and letting your concentration fade
But only if you let it
A single mind is a voyage from birth to death
I bid you enjoy it

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