Thursday, April 26, 2012


This was written on April 26th 2012
There is a rain drop
Striking a puddle
Like Muhammad Ali
Because in this state
This state I'm in
My insides
Are torn asunder
By love
My soul is
Tiny little paper scraps
Lit on fire
By a pyromaniac
In a trench coat
And all the darkness
Cannot save me
From the bright flame
Of all I've ever lived for
Burning up I am the fire
And as it sparks and fizzles
Eating away at my soul
I feel the darkness
Coming ever closer to me
Consuming me
As if I am a phoenix
From the ashes
Of my old soul
Will grow another
Where I once stood
Someone will rise up
With my banner
Realizing the importance
Of someone like me
Existing =
Someone who survived
Thrived and strived
Through odds
Worse than a million to one
I am the sperm cell
That fought his brothers
And his sisters
To be born into this world
Through a womb
That was not fit
To carry me
I am special
And I have suffered
Like any special child
And I'm not the only one
So please
Special children
Children of the earth
Realize that I am dying
And help me survive
This time I need help

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