Friday, November 12, 2010

Leave it Be

This was written on November 12, 2010

We keep putting this off
And the feeling is as soft
As your words
When your lips part
Your words give my heart
A startling jump
Which they've always done
Cause even the sun
Fell under your domain
Burning brighter with you around
Every sound had more meaning
But to return
To chance another burn
From you
Well I do not know
What I should do
Will I someday look back
Will I still lose track
Of all the pain
Because it's a bigger gain
When you're around
Even my own sound
Echoes out
With more power
My mouth is last left sour
And still
It is a thrill
To know you through the years
So I'll give three cheers
To not having you here
At least not quite yet
But I can bet
That you will be soon
Again I will swoon
Before the pleasure
Of this I am sure
Because to me you are fun
And I cannot run from the fun

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