Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going Away

This was written on November 4th, 2010

You throw everything away
Just because you want to say
That she matters more
Every score
There is to settle
Between us
Doesn't matter to you
Because whenever we're through
You're in her arms
Forgetting of my existence
Even if I'm in the room
But you don't care
You can't even smell the doom
Of our friendship
Because you took the one song
That matters to me
You took the one dance I can do
Ran me through and through
So you could let her sing
Because you plan to place a ring
Upon her finger
Letting me linger
Outside for you
So that if your plans fall through
You'll have someone to come back to
You say that there's nothing I can do
To ruin our friendship
But there is, and you're doing it
I no longer give a shit
Because if you keep on
When you wake up
I will be long gone

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