Friday, September 10, 2010


This was written on September 10th, 2010

Everyone talks about the one
The one who won
Before it ever begun
So I have to be honest
There's this girl that is a test
Of my character
Because I want to give everything to her
I have dreamed about holding her by the fire
Where the light and shadows play on her face
Because I want to run my hands over her body
Feeling every bit of her
Not so much sexually
As it is texturally
And to keep myself sated
I keep faking interest in these others
These girls who act like mothers
As if I knew how a mother would act
After being backed
So far into this corner that I have no escape
Nowhere to go from here
Even my greatest fear
Running my hands lightly
Over the skin
That covers my wounds
Thicker where they hurt the most
Quicker healing is a power
Not of super people
But of the natural
So my heart pounds
And these sounds
Of self disapproval
Cause me to quiver in fear
Stuck in place, here
Where that one girl
Left me to hurl
At the finish lane of my greatest race
Where I forgot how to pace
Just did what was natural
With all my strength
I lost out
Now I have no doubt
That she has moved on
She is so far gone
That once again
I feel my heart break
The Earth quake
As I remember how human
I really am

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