Sunday, September 5, 2010


This was written on September 5th 2010

It all begins with a thought
With those who are fraught
Filled with regret
Those who will never forget
What they've done in the past
That they're standing last
Everyone else has fallen before them
Giving a chance to shine
So I'm losing my mind
Because I'll never forget
Won't ever let
The past rest
Because I know it's for the best
That I use my anger
To fuel me through danger
Whether it's just my own self sabotage
Or the falling things in my garage
As I clean it and hope for organization
Because all of this sensation
Is nothing but a memory
A reminder of the purgatory
That I now sit inside
Life has taken me for a ride
But now everything is still
Like the life in my portraits
It has stopped
My pen has been dropped
For what feels like ages
And all of the sages
That are my elders
Tell me that I shouldn't worry
But I have to tell this story
Of how my rage takes me too far
Because there has to be a bar
That I've exceeded along the road
That I've taken too much time
Pushed myself past the line
I must have crossed it
Because for so long I didn't give a shit
People tried to help
The little boy that was a whelp
What I used to be before
Has left my heart so sore
To me it feels as if
This world has been broken
By our generation
The generation of communication
That has failed through the lines of electricity
All our cables
Our power chords
Have left our minds torn
So I have sworn
To myself
That I will take my pen off its shelf
Where it hides above my desk
Because I realize that God has blessed
All of us with a gift
Mine is the power of words
From the absurd
To the crisp and powerful
They flow through my veins
A beautiful fluid of inspiration
So I will sit here once again
This is my return
To the burning of the sun
Because even heat can dissipate
So I must refuel the efforts of those
Who do not wish to pose
For the cameras
Trying to hide what they are
Those who wish to show off the scar
That makes them who they are
Cause there is always one big one
Where they flew too high
And got burned by the sun

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