Monday, August 23, 2010

In This Moment

This was written on August 23rd, 2010

It's such a relevant thing, age
Because as I stand upon this stage
These minutes seem like hours
And these towers
Time which I cannot see past
Yet forty years is nothing
As I look at it in the history books
Even the nineteen years of looks
As others examine who I am
With all their age
I'm sure they have felt similar
When they once were
Standing atop a stage
Or silently filled with rage
As they raced and competed
In the moments we focus
All of us know
That anyone who puts on a show
Just doesn't understand
That even their hand
Was given to them
Regardless of religious preference
Or even the lack thereof
We are given our lives
So we push to strive
Making the best of our gift
As well as our curse
It feeds and breeds inside of us
As we ride the school bus
Waiting for the real future
Instead of enjoying the present
Which is our present
Because if you focus
You must realize
That all of the lies
Fade to black
Pushing into the back
Of your mind
As you become this moment
And time becomes skewed
By our focus
So these minutes right here
Not even your beer
Will make these moments shorter
So stop drinking from that glass
Start paying attention to the grass
Because this Earth that we walk
Is taken by us
Into our care
So I will stare at you
Until I can see through
You soul to the minutes
Where you become your everything
And then I will sing
Because those moments are joyous
They should be celebrated
Keeping me sated
With the depth of those moments
Is how I've chosen to live

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