Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Pen Bleeds for You

This was written on August 10th 2010

I'm in the best shape of my life
As I push through this strife
Just to be with you.
Soul, body and mind
Working from behind
My tears
Pushing for years
Just to get to this
And I'll hold back till you're ready to kiss
These lips
Or listen to any tips
That I might have for you
As I am a bit older
Ever if I do not have the soul
To be better
As you are the superior
When you take all my fear away
Just by walking in the room
And I'm hoping to see you soon
Because just this morning has rocked my mind
Pushed me to the line
With toes ready to go
I'll run all the way until my legs scream,
"It's just too much!"
Then I'll run some more
Because my life before
Was not nearly enough to satisfy my pen
You see, cause back then
Back then I didn't have love
So I'd scream to the stars above
For a mother or some other
Who would take me into their arms
Protecting me from harm
Cause even as a big man I need that too
And without it I'd come unglued
Cause you see I grew up without a moms
Much like you
And tom from myspace
He was my best friend
Around the age of ten
Though the site had not quite grown
To be so well known
By all of these folks
Who keep on toking.
But substance abuse is not the point of this poem
Instead the focus rests on you
Who took the pieces of me torn in two
Sewing them back together with your love
You see
Now when I scream to the stars above
It is in thanks
So this is to you
The one who made this new me possible
May our love continue to grow
Like this apple tree
So others can feast upon and learn
From us
Until we return to the soil

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