Friday, August 20, 2010

Frozen Rage

This was written on August 20th, 2010

I'm so filled with rage
As I blank out onto this page
My limbs shake and shiver
This is how it feels to be a giver
As people just take
Before spitting
Atop my kindness
You all look at me right now
Can you see the "Pow"
A gun going off in air
I just wanted to share
With you
Everything you put me through
As I go into a rage freeze
Every breath is a breeze
Against my skin
When back then
You gave heat to me
Now can't you see?
That you drain
Putting through pain
My essence
I miss your presence
My fingers beat this keyboard
Where my words once soared
Now they are dropped like the horde
Of Jews that Hitler slaughtered
And the beads of the sottering
Isn't it fun
To see these bullets
On the page
Reasons that I fill with rage
Pushed to the brim
Creating a trim
Better form
As I lose my warm
And lose to my freeze rage
In my mind
Leave everything behind
Becoming the negativity
Of a man lost inside himself
Putting his happiness on a shelf
So he can bring to this page
The rage
That you birth
What are you really worth?
When all you do is breed
Pushing your seed
Into the hearts of man
Every breath a fan
Moving to cool
Freezing our drool
And snot
To the cot
I lay upon
Though you are long gone
Still somehow
You rot my brain
Driving me insane
So this institution
Holds the key
Returning to me
My salvation
Trials and tribulations
Of love
I scream to the stars above
Because I realize
Through all these sighs
I caused this myself
Pushing my happiness onto a shelf
By choosing to fall
To stop and stall
Next to you
To let you know what I've been through
To relive
Everything you did give
To me
So don't you see
I lost my love for you
When you took what was red
Making it blue
My beautiful skin
You are my sin
Frozen in rage
Words fill this page
So I remember
That you dismember
My heart
Tearing me apart
For your enjoyment
Still I play the game
Hoping everything will be the same
After I write this poem
Knowing all the while
That my style
Created by you
After you put me through
The pain of a thousand
Still I can stand
Regardless of your hand
Holding the knife
Created by strife
In my back
Adding to the stack
Of those who have hurt
Larger than a gangster shirt
It sits in the corner
Of my mind
Someday I'll leave it behind
Until then
I will continue to win
Regardless of the pain
The muscle strain
As my heart aches
All the abuse it takes
Is not enough
Because it is tough
It won't bring me to my knees
Not as long as I please
My pen

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