Saturday, August 21, 2010

Train Station

This was written on August 21st, 2010

All you do is use
Waiting to abuse
As you put up this ruse
Of who you are
So that you can open my scar
Left behind from the car
That hit me when we met
You just couldn't let
Me forget
What happened that day
When all the words I say
Left me alone
As my body entered the twilight zone
It's funny how you made me feel
I should have known it wasn't real
Deep down inside of me
I should have been able to see
That your greed
Was inside of that seed
You planted deep inside of my heart
Where the tendrils did start
Where you'd tug
Before you'd just shrug
About what you'd done
Blocking out the sun
For me
Leaving me with nothing to see
Except you
And every animal in the zoo
Could smell the fear on me
Not hidden by
The deepness of my sigh
As I listen to you lie
Knowing all the while
That once again my style
Of writing
Will keep on fighting
Pushing and straining
So that I keep gaining
A sense of self
That outgrows my shelf
For trophies and awards
So now my body rewards
My greatest effort
Will be in pushing myself to sort
These broken feelings
Stacking to my inner ceilings
The files of my heart
Where you added another cart
When you avoided to say
That you had found another
Who had betrayed my trust
So now I know I must
Move on
Remembering that you were always gone
From the relation
That left me standing at the station
Where trains take others
To where their lovers
Wait for there return
Instead I stood to burn
While you left me
For all others to see
Filled with shame
For losing at this game

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