Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will You Love Me?

This was written on August 19th 2010

You turn on my flame
So I'll play this game
Turning through the pages of life
Fighting off all of my strife
As I sit here on a plane
Keeping in mind what I gain
By being with you
Your lips speak true
Yet I have not seen you
Though the word is taboo
I must say that I love you
Though our conversations be few
It's been a long month
And that alone is a triumph
Two weeks was my rule
Standing steadfast as a tool
So I vow to you this
That our first kiss
Will burn me
Insides turning
As I watch the stars
From morning till night
I wish for you in my sight
I am yours to grab
Whom no other can have
Cause I love you
Despite my knowledge so few
With no college ahead
A military career instead
I can promise the support
And visits while at port
Cause to me you are worth
Possibly missing my son's birth
Though I do not wish
To miss the breaking dish
Of his first real meal
So I'll make you a deal
My service is to you
I just hope you love me too
So that my sacrifice
Doesn't put you in a vice
Where you feel the pressure
Causing a fissure
For the sake
Of all that we take
From this Earth
Let us birth
Something wonderful
Together as one
First with a son
Because I wish to solidify
Even if we do defy
Reason of society
So if you wish to lie
As long as not to me
I will sail the deep sea
Bringing you treasure
For your pleasure
An apple tree
For our boy to see
Color of the sea twirls
For our daughter
Who will never be hotter
Than you
Who split my focus in two
When you walked into class
So far in the past
I couldn't take my eyes
Nobody knew my cries
Were of happiness
Pure bliss
Caused by you
As my heart split
So pleased as you sit
Near me
So that I can see
Who you are
I'll show you the scar
Left behind
Deep inside my mind
Because you will care
Instead of tear
At it
Please love me
For all the world to see
And together we can be
The start of a family

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