Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness is Free my Friends

This was written on September 7, 2010

Music seems to fuel my soul
It continues to grow old
With every lyric I hear
My mind begins to disappear
You see
This thing deep inside of me
Is screaming to be let free
So that it can also see
This beautiful world we have
We all take it for granted
To some degree we're all aware
Of just what it is that we share
Upon this earth
Where we were birthed
There is this beautiful thing
Which causes all the angels to sing
Because of the pure joy
Of life
Regardless of the strife
That comes with a conscience
It's just common sense
The real kind of common
Not the stuff that we only joke about
Because if you don't know it
Then you don't know what has lit
This conversation
Or rather this one sided piece of prose
Where I point a finger at those
Who sit here today without understanding
And to those who could not make it today
Whether kept from our company
Because they cannot see
What is falling apart in front of them
Or whether they themselves are falling apart
So I must give this a start
Pull the proverbial lever
To flood the gates of your mind
So that I can remind you
Of what we've all pushed aside

You see
We sit here today by choice
And it is our choices that bring us glory
By the lord there is glory
In all our lives
The coffee that you're drinking
Its creation is a thing of wonder
The automobiles that brought you here
Not even an old kingdom seer
Could have predicted their invention
Because of the intention
Of God
We have become the sole race
That continues to out pace
We have ravaged and raided
Left our lawns broken or braided
Intertwining all the roots of unnatural
Imported plants
And now the word slants
Toward destruction
Surely we could look forward
Our eyes facing space
Get ourselves a taste
Of what is out there for us
So that we can all travel on a floating bus
To the schools that float
Like in the Jetsons
That old TV show
That we've probably long forgotten
Just like the history that brought me here
Because to me it is fear
That makes me wonder
If anyone else truly considers
The destruction we threaten
Joking about a simple detonation
Pushing a button to drop the bomb
And we drop the bomb on each other
Whether because we're cut off
Or just because someone scoffed
At the words we use to relate
What it is that we think about
I remember when I used to fish for trout
Back when the world was less complicated
Everything was simple
Just some fake flies
My father
And the fish in the water
Now I am older
So I find that I smolder
When my mind starts to wrap itself around
All of this horrid sound
Of politicians rattling off sales
A giant bidding session to the corporations
Sure we say that slavery is in our past
It was a blast
When I realized this truth
That we force ourselves into a booth
With a computer and a printer
Doing work for something that doesn't really matter
For this currency
Something to keep from being scammed
But isn't money the scam?
Isn't it one big sham?
That we tell ourselves to stay happy
Even when that happiness if faked
Because all of us are miserable sometimes
When it keeps us from what we love
By giving us a velvet glove
So that we can kiss it
I'd rather use it to wipe my shit
Because I refuse to enslave myself
For this fake meaning
That just keeps on steaming
From the hot lies added to its pile
It bubbles like rotting bile

So I ask you why you choose this fate
Why you choose to sate
The greedy corporations
Who force us into cubicles
Working for the food
That we could easily hunt ourselves
With all the tools we have
It's amazing to me that
Someone can take a bat and a ball
Make themselves happy for hours
And still we force ourselves
On top of these shelves
For this currency that most agree
Can't even buy happiness
Because happiness is free

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