Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Spell Checker

This was written on September 9th, 2010

Now that I'm less lazy and tired
Maybe I'm inspired
So I will write for you to read
Possibly plant a seed
So deep inside of your mind
That you might be left behind
And forget what it means to speak
Forcing all of your mind to leak
As well
Onto this page
Emptying you of rage
So that you can become the sage
Of tomorrow
And take away this sorrow
That is caused to me
Whenever I see
That people forget how to use
Choosing instead to abuse
Their spell checker
The one being there
Who wishes to help them get smarter
Regardless of its own anguish
And the time it has to spend telling
Over and over again
That sin
Is in sense
But it is not the incense
Which changes an atmosphere
Instead it is what most fear
And still it keeps on trying
As you keep prying
At the boundaries of our language
And the lion of your words
Does not roar
Because the birds cannot soar
When you fail at language
So do not forsake your words
Cause we all want to be heard
And some want to hear you
But that doesn't mean that I can sit through
Everything you do wrong
Even if intentionally
Because even as it is my strength
Poetry is my weakness
With all the rules it breaks
It just takes
My breath away
So I cannot scream
But I can still deem
When you need
To pick up the good book
Remind you of the class you took
Back in grade school
So that you will use that one tool
That they provided you with
The ability to look outside yourself
Finding a knowledge that you do not possess
So you too can rely on its wisdom
Becoming better and fuller for it
So just listen to its wisdom
And I will thank you

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