Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Droppin the Pen

This was written on July 28 2010

I was having a conversation with my friend the other day.
On the importance of words.
Have you heard the discord in our mouths?
Where our thoughts reach our fingertips,
Breaking on this page from our pens and keystrokes.
The letters falling apart, scattering on the wind.
You my friend don't know the importance of what you forget.
What generations you are forsaking just by droppin that g.
It makes the words feel off key.
Mispronunciation is a problem in this country.
Not just in our words but also in our demeanor.
When all you have to do is complete the word and let it soar.
Leaving your mouth with the emphasis necessary.
The lyricists of this world from Eminem to Taylor Mali.
Would be ashamed of your slanderous ways.
Were they still able to stand before you today.
We are all lost in this world of slang.
So lost that most of us know not the words we speak.
English was once so beautiful.
Our growth and evolution through this language.
I must admit it's quite spectacular.
But you lot have broken me.
So without further ado I leave you all behind.
Until you can come back to my arms.
Stopping this language from coming to harm.
Bringing with you the respect for our roots.
I will drop my pen on this stage.

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