Monday, July 26, 2010

The words that touch these lips

This was written on July 27 2010

I struggle to find a way
To find the words to say
They sit upon my lips
Touching my fingertips
Playing my every verb
Girl you so superb
There ain't no rhyme or reason
For me to be out of season
So far past my due date
But girl it's just too late
To turn back from this now
There ain't no way or how
From dirt roads in a little town
To these acorns popping crowns
Everything seems to be blooming
Life just keeps on zooming
So I just sit and watch
Just trying not to botch
Whatever comes my way
So tell me what to say
How do I start this discussion
Without the help of percussion
Cause music is my blood
It pulls me from the mud
Picks me up and carries me
Takes me from that prairie
Where I don't want to return
Not until I'm far past burned
So my ashes can be spread
And all my words be read
By kids who sit and think
About how I spread this ink
Cause this is what goes on
Before the memories are gone
I have this chance to say
There just is no other way
Without you by my side
Cause life is one crazy ass ride

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