Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jesse Johnson

This was written on July 26 2010

There's somethin in that smile of yours
It hits me in my heart
Takes me down to both knees
I know I'm fallin apart
Whenever I see your eyes
I lose my great disguise
There's no way for me to hide
Not that there's a reason
You break in two this shell I have
And take me for a ride
From Karaoke to conversation
You make me feel something down
Deep inside my soul
As if I'm almost whole again

You remind me of my mother
Or at least all that I know
From Church beliefs
And spiritual healings
To intellectual,
The way you teach
Everything I've ever known
Seems to find a place in you
Some part of me is terrified
The other is thrilled too

I want to get to know you better
Of this I am so sure
For you remind me of what I know
And what I've always missed
So be my friend if nothing else
Of this I ask of you
In return I'll promise my
Friendship unto you

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