Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trees Cannot Always Stand Alone

This was a piece I wrote on July 25 2009

"You do not seem to fully grasp what it is that I speak of. I try to let you in, I try to show you a tree in all its splendor and all you see are a few branches. You pick it apart bit by bit, examining its bark for similarities to other trees that you have seen before. There is a whole tree, in all its splendor and beauty, surrounded by many alike it in its forest home. Each tree with its own roots, its beginning, each surrounding tree affecting how it grows. As the tree grows, sprouting from the seedlings in the soil, reaching for the stars. Every branch represents our challenges, each leaf is a facet of a specific challenge."

I pause for breath, but not long enough for anyone to interject, "Again! you have claimed to understand, you believe you can see the whole tree as you examine only the few branches I have shown you. It is not the cause that you see but the affect. To truly understand me, you would have to dig deep into the soil and expose all of my roots and all of the those around of me. The problem with that is then you have taken away the nutrients and support for us all. The strongest trees will survive by shoving their roots deeper into the soil, but those such as me who have just begun to grow will fall to death. So I know that you do not understand." As I finish ranting to my step-mother I can already see the shock formed on her face. She may finally have an inkling of how I perceive things.

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