Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mightier Than the Sword

This piece was written February 11 2010

This hunk of metal does nothing but impede me from leaving my home. Dancing across wood and flesh alike, its blade lightly scarring all surfaces. The metal holsters its deadly virus, ready to spread poison across many a nation at the mere click of a button. With the speed of an arrow, each click affects the bladed point. Pushing it from its shell or returning it to its sheath. Dodging in and out of its holster it will hide between its dastardly attacks. Oh this deadly weapon should be banned! Banned from all existence I tell you! Yet, there are those around me whom have already become intoxicated by its poison. Somewhere along the line I found myself joining these pitiful souls, the poison bypassing my defenses. Now I find myself justifying and excusing my usage of this horrible weapon with the pitiful excuse that peace can be brought through its use.

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