Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Short Life We Have

This was a piece written on July 31 2009

I bear the ring of a Celt and the weight of the world. Which is not to say that I am part of one of the greatest nations to have walked this earth, nor is it to say that I am any kind of hero. With nobody depending on me it makes my burden much easier to bear, though that does not change much. I bear the ring of a Celt to remind me of those who have been great before me. I have recently discovered that my grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the same cancer that took away her daughter and my mother. Both of those women, my mother and grandmother have been nothing but great people throughout their lives. They seem to see death coming and only grow stronger in their convictions.

I have on many an occasion referred to humans as trees whose nutrients are made up and shared by those who surround them. The roots that seep into the soil provided by those around you. The trunk is comparable to the human body, holding information about the age of your life. The tree branches, supported by trunk, grown from the soil, all your beliefs, ideals and experiences. Each leaf, a facet of a belief, ideal or experience. Of course the most beautiful and final growth of a tree is the flowers, your final conclusions and your biggest revelations about life.

This is important because what fuels all of us together, is the world. The world which has provided a home for all that we know and all that we have yet to learn. It is important that we take care of this world, and it is something that seems in need of mentioning. It seems that we must do something about what seems like humanity trying to bring about its own destruction. I sti on a plane flying over the soil of the United States and I find myself saddened. U.S. soldiers sit in seats across the aisle from me, people young enough that they may still have the ability to attend a high school prom if the opportunity presented itself. My stomach twists itself around at the thought of these young men dying.

They are ready to set down their blood and even life for our country and the betterment of our world. I ask you if you are willing to do the same? If not, where do you draw the line? Where do you stop caring about this human nation? It is my life goal to spread love and erase the hate of at least ten people in the short life that I have been given. I ask you, what is your goal? What will you do to better our world?

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