Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks to Inspiration

Another piece I wrote on July 22 2009

The smell of a chili cheese hot dog still stains my fingers. The hum of small talk and deeper conversations encase me in a sense of comfort. I am again in an airport, this time in Minneapolis. My final pit stop for the day, my final destination is the small airport in Knoxville, Tennessee. A three year old charges onto the plane in front of his mother, "C'mon Mom!" I find that a chuckle has worked its way up through my lungs, playing my lips into a smile. The murmur of noise dies down as the line of passengers boards the plane, a bit of silence greeting my ears before I board.

Seated now on the final plane for the day, I find myself once again surrounded by noise. The all too familiar hum of cheerful banter, the flight attendants doing their best to get everyone seated in a neat and orderly fashion. The three year old from before is one seat in front of me, his non-stop questions form a sort of nostalgia.

"What is destroy?" His cute little face is filled with curiosity as he turns toward his father, "Why isn't the plane moving yet?" I love sharing my knowledge and answering questions and there are people who might say that love will make a great father in me. I still find my patience failing near this child. It is truly a wonder what we, as children, put our parents through, let alone the teenage and early adult years.

It is curiosity and the passion for life that have brought me thus far upon my journeys. The history of those who have been left behind brings even more fuel to my desires. Desires of greatness, the desire that keeps me from settling for something less. The desire to leave my mark upon the world. I have always had greatness as a goal and have consequently always found myself surrounded by great people. I don't know of many people whom I have ever met who were anything less than amazing.

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