Monday, July 4, 2011

To the Girl I Once Knew

This was written on July 4, 2011

Trying so hard to avoid
Little reminders of you
Every thought and every dream
Eat me from inside, out
Like a hole in my stomach
Hydrochloric acid leaking out
Burning paths throughout
My insides as you simply touch
My mind
I want to leave it all behind

Can't we just let this silence end?
Can't we go back to being good friends?
Know that asking be too much
So I just let you touch
My mind

Let you use it as your stage
Let the others see the page
Where I made my choice
And held steadfast
When I created the last
True memory I have of you
All the explosives blast
As if a continual timer
Sits inside my heart
Every memory of you giving it a start
So that acids and blood
Come pouring forth again
Till I feel like I'm dying
Wishing that the feeling was true
Not just an exaggeration
Built from how much I'm missing you

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