Friday, July 22, 2011

Waiting for Rain

This was written on July 22nd, 2011

Searching for a clean slate
Flooding forward with so much passion
No pen with which to capture and push forth
Pails and buckets are not large enough to contain
Nothing seems to sit, right now
Every word falls flat
Its beautiful sound lost on this tongue
Every word is spit forth, angry and devoid of meaning
Rage filling up the vast storage where no inspiration can be stored
Every word is as red as a target
Just waiting to be shot down with the red pen of the English teacher
Every word seems as if an empty world is backing it
There are no people, plants, animals, each world is devoid of life
Devoid of meaning
So searching deeper, delving deeper into the recesses
The cracks, canyons and caverns
Swimming through the atmosphere with wings made like fins
Nothing comes of it
Eventually even the wish to find inspiration fails
So the creature sits still, wings folded neatly in its lap
Waiting next to pails and buckets set up to capture the next rain
Hoping that with just that little bit of water
Life can spring forth again from one of these planets devoid of anything but rage

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