Monday, May 23, 2011

The Noise Diver

This was written on May 23, 2011

The morning's silence
Broken by a sound
Through the empty halls
Feeling the noise
Hairs shift to meet it
To feel it against them
The sound has a hand
Running down this arm
Softly feeling
Not quite touching the skin
Into the soft back
The noise plunges
A dive from a thirty foot cliff
Cold and stiff
It ripples again
Up and down a spine

No pain and no fear
Just ripples
Across this body of water
The diver feels no noise
Only silence
Beneath the surface
The ripples stop
For a moment
All is peaceful again
A single bubble floats
To the surface
Ripples beginning anew
The noise
The diver
Leaves the water
Every hair stands on end
Searching for that hand
Which had brushed so softly
Had touched so nicely
Craving the feeling once more

The noise broke peace
Created a life
Ended a life
The noise is life
Everything we know
We've yet to know
When did noise change you
When did a diver send ripples
Through your body
As he broke the surface
Did you feel pain
Or just a tingle
A soft hand creating a craving
For more

1 comment:

  1. All this took place while I was waking you to continue construction on our storage shed? Nice to know that my "get your butt out of bed" can become a daring dive into placid waters! Except that your tired back is not really a placid lake, is it?!