Saturday, January 1, 2011

Romantic Memory

This was written on January 1st, 2011

December of Two Thousand Eight

Ready to leave my life behind

Not giving in to suicide

Finally giving in to the will to leave

Leave behind everything that haunted me

The friendships that had taunted me

With some semblance of regularity

A life with one single flaw

Creating a beautiful chain reaction

The broken pen's ink staining my shirt

Much as my mother's pen has stained my life

Filled my soul with strife

So that night so long ago

I was standing by your door

Hoping that someone would see

Hoping someone would stop me

From leaving Spokane forever

Nobody saw and nobody heard

Silently folding my shirt

Placing it on your bottom step

My cell phone placed so neatly

The last text I planned to send

Letting everyone know

Spokane would no longer be home

Though message misdelivered

Still you moved

Everyone moved

To stop me

But I didn't see

Because I was blinded

My reason and passion

Stripped from me

The way that you strip my words

Leaving them naked

Because I love you

In a romantic way

I'm not in love with you

But I do love you

You took my soul

Beating it with your ice pick

Cracking it

Putting a small hole in my shell

The frozen heart I had

Paralyzed with fear

Torn apart by the loss of my mother

Was broken to emotion once more

So I have you to thank

Our interaction pushed me far

It is my motivation to write now

The one romantic memory

Turning point in my life

Thank you

I will never forget

December of Two Thousand Eight

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