Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Chance

This was written on January 4th, 2011

I still have feelings for you
Held my tongue so long it's blue
After all this time
All I want is a chance
Just a chance to dance
Once with you
Without running myself through
Atop this spear
I carry just in case I hear
Your name
Because in this world
There are dead, dying, and the lame
The latter is what I am
But I no longer give a damn
I just want to get to know
Spend some time with you
So that I can go
To myself and confirm
Whether I really like you
Or whether all my tongue holding
Was for nothing more than fear
I can't move on until I've given it a real shot
So I'm asking for you to spot
My efforts
Just give me a chance
We can go see a movie
Spend some time together
Like real people do
Rather than keep this strained
Like tight ropes
Between us

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